Spreading tasty vegan vibes!

We’re relocating! Big things to come in a few weeks! We appreciate all of the support ♥️

About Us

Making the “change” easy...

I started off making vegetarian meals for my wife when we met 6 years ago. Naturally, you pick up on your mates habits so I transitioned into a vegetarian shortly after. About 3 years ago we decided to go full on vegan and we had to get creative with our food. Now that we’ve mastered it and have all of our kids hooked, we are ready to change the lives of our community!

Our ingredients are as organic as we can possibly get and you can taste the love we put into our food. We make food for anyone looking to transition into a plant based diet by cooking familiar dishes with a vegan twist. It’s all about creating the textures and flavors you are used to without noticing the difference.

We are on a mission to spread tasty vegan vibes!

Chef in Charge

Jae Dee

Our Services

We provide convenient weekly meal prep in microwave safe storage and a daily menu that is unique each day, delivered to your home for dinner or work for lunch. For catering, please contact us for more details.


Our weekly meal preps are meant be a delicious go to when you want to save time, money and eat right. Simply choose what you want for the week from our extensive menu and we have you covered! All prepped meals are delivered on Sunday’s between 5-8pm. For daily meals, our menu for the week will be be posted on Sunday and you may begin placing your order that evening. Daily meals can be ordered until sold out.

Our Services

At this time, we are limited to delivering daily meals to the West Valley in order to guarantee hot fresh food. There are no delivery restrictions for meal prep orders. Thank you!

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